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I was born in Dallas, TX, so you can probably guess that I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. I just       love those beautiful bright white Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader boots!

I became a cowgirl at 3 years old. I got to ride a pony to have my picture taken on a black and white paint shetland pony.My momma gave me cowgirl gloves with fringe, a bandana, and a black cowboy hat. These things saved me from getting frostbite when an actual blizzard hit Dallas and my babysitter, Lee, and I were in her car and the car broke down in that blizzard. I wore those gloves and put my bandana on my mouth because the wind was just blowing so hard that I couldn’t breathe. It actually helped me breathe. I’ll never forget that!

This is the reason I fell in love with cowboy boots! Not just your normal cowboy boots, but CRAZY COWBOY BOOTS! Different! Colorful! Dazzling! Fantastic! Cowboy Boots! And I also love people and cows and horses,dogs and cats. Enjoy my site, ladies and gentlemen!




I love to help people in all kinds of ways, but on this site, I want to help people that maybe, are     entertainers, music stars, movie stars, or people that just love to stand out, just like me.

You see, I’ve been playing music all my life since I was 12 years old. I always wore clothes that were different or colorful with fringe or sequins or beads. And the boots I loved to wear after I started playing country music were cowboy boots. Today, if you look under crazycowboyboots.com you will find outstanding and outrageous cowboy boots. I saw some with teeth like a mouth on the front of the toe; I’ve also seen some that I really love that were black and white over the knee women’s cowboy boots! Now, I want a pair of them.




The goal of my site is to find the coolest cowboy boots, the most outrageous cowboy boots, the prettiest cowboy boots, and to make people happy that love cowboy boots!

I hope you find everything in life you are looking for including the best cowboy boots for you at an honest price. Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your likes and suggestions.

Denise Herity

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