How Did I Fall In Love With Cowboy Boots

I don’t know where you were 59 years ago, but somehow my mom turned the tv on to The Roy Rogers Show and I was in LOVE! I loved cowboys and cowgirls! I ate and drank and breathed anythng about cowboys. What they wore, what they did, where they lived; anything I could find out.

You may not believe this, but when I was about 4 years old in Texas, me and my babysitter were caught in a blizzard, in Texas, for gosh’s sake! That was the only blizzard I was in in Dallas TX, and I haven’t ever seen one since. Well, what saved me and made me able to breath and keep warm was my black cowboy hat and my red, white, and black hankerchief. My gloves had fringe on the side of them. I was dressed completely like I belonged on the range herding cattle on the Chisholm Trail!

Now Roy Rogers and Dale Evans wore those glorious cowboy boots, They did not ever go anywhere without having those wonderful cowboy  boots on. And I loved that show!

Fighting Bad Guys

Roy and Dale were always putting bad guys in jail and, as a child, that made me feel very safe. I had a silver pistol with a white handle. I had to carry that gun everywhere lest a bad guy needed tending to. I wanted to be like them; ready for everything and anything. There was a cowboy next door named Mike and alot ot times I had to cover him in a gunfight so he  didn’t get shot. When he did, I also had a nurse outfit I could put on and save him.

Oh, how I long for those wholesome days. When tv didn’t allow Lucy and Ricky to sleep in the same bed. And you never heard a curseword at all on tv! Wasn’t that something?


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