The History of CowboyBoots


The Invention of Cowboy Boots

The first cowboy boot that was invented was made and created by Charles Hyer. His company told

the story of a Kansas City man who came by his shop in 1875 coming home from the Stockyards.

This man wanted a new pair of boots that were different from the civil war style boots he had on.




Why Are Cowboy Boots Heels Angled

Cowboy boots heels are angled because the heels of the Mexican vaqueros were angled in case of

having to dig his heels into the ground while wrestling cattle. Also, the angled heel helped to keep

the feet in the stirrups of the saddle on his horse.


Cowboy Boots Have Good Arch Support

The shank in the cowboy boot provides excellent arch support. Leather insoles provides

perspiration absorption and durability. I love wearing cowboy boots because I feel like I am

centered in my standing.


How Long Do Cowboy Boots Last

If your cowboy boot fits properly, there is no need for “break-in” time. A good pair of

cowboy boots can last for years and years. I know it is a fact, because I’ve had 

several pairs last for years myself.


Cowboy Boots-An American History

The history of cowboy boots forever links them to the mid 1880’s when the boot was practical

in the work of the American Cowboy; herding cattle, roping cattle to brand them, holding them

for a sale, or administering medicine to the herd, whatever must be done to take good care of

cattle, whatever the Cowboy needs to do to please the owner of the cows.

Cowboy boots in that time were made in each local shop in whatever town the drover (cowboys

that drive the “doggies” across the US) was in.






I have loved cowboy boots all my life. They are stylish, trending, handy, and wonderful if you are a

person that rides horses. I loved putting them with my costumes when I was entertaining 

around the United States. I love the whole country life. Cowboy boots, dogs, horses, kids, and 

or riding out in the woods are just a great way of life for me. I hope anyone who reads this will find 

some excellent boots for yourself or a loved one. I’ve included some very outstanding and

dazzling pictures of cowboy boots. Take care, Little Doggies! Enjoy!




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  1. I love the site even though it is hard to read with the background. A suggestion is to try white lettering. It is well laid out and has LOTS of great pitures and information . I own a pair of high cowboy boots and some red low ones – love them. Great job.

    1. Deb,
      Thank you so much for the help. You know, you are so right. I myself have always had some problem reading the different titles of pages. I will research how to change the color of the text.

      I wish you all the success you dream of.
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