Where There Are Boots There Are Saddles

Let me introduce to you, everybody, a place that you can buy boots, hats, saddles, or anything that might be related to being a cowboy or cowgirl for a living or just for fun!

If you need anything for your horse, a  bridle, a saddle, hackamore…whatever! Here’s a link for you!

Very reasonable prices both on tack or western wear. Check it out, ladies and gentleman. See for yourself. You can also get your nice-looking boots or hats for going out or for riding. Ya’ll just click the folowing link and have a  great time! Have a shindig! Just enjoy yourself!





8 thoughts on “Where There Are Boots There Are Saddles

  1. Wow, a great page I did not know that there were cowboy boots that you could buy online as I thought you would have to go instore for this, so I’m thankful that I found your page. Do you have any recommendations for which cowboy boots are better for me to wear? Or any recommendations when it comes to saddles? 

    1. What Jazzy 323 I’m so glad that you found my site also! I recommend Billy Cook saddles and tack. The Saddles are well-made and there are a great fit they also last and last. I recommend Tecovas boots. They are very well made. They’ve been making cowboy boots for working Cowboys for a long time. Thank you so much for your inquiry let me know if I can help you in any other way. Where is it proven Publix where you at

    2. Oh yes! Sorry so slow getting back. My link called about saddles also has cowboy boots and western apparel. I’m about to add a banner right now! Enjoy!

  2. Hey, this is great as it’s awesome to find a trusted source for cowboy and cowgirl gear. I’m still a bit new to the boots and saddle world, so what would you recommend as far as good brands for someone just getting started to ride recreationally? Ideally the gear won’t be made cheaply, but I’m not yet ready for a huge investment in gear either. What would be the best brands and things to look for to make sure that the beginner experience is good but not too expensive?

    1. I will be adding more links so you can have a way to compare prices better. Know it shouldn’t be more than a few more days, hun.

    2. Only if you follow the link on this page, you will find used saddles also. Which I found one priced at $800. Much less than I’ve ever found anywhere! Hope this helps you

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